Work Experience

East Cheshire NHS Trust aims to engage positively with all people expressing an interest in an NHS career. We aim to provide opportunities to develop a greater understanding of how the trust works and the range of careers available. Work experience placements are voluntary and have positive outcomes for the employer and the learner. East Cheshire NHS Trust is accredited with the Fair Train Work Experience Quality Standard at Silver Level.

Key Aims of the Work Experience Programme- this includes traineeships, returneeships and other types of work placements.

  • To actively promote NHS careers within the local community
  • To widen the access to work experience
  • To improve the recruitment and retention of staff
  • To reduce identified skill shortages
  • To meet the workforce requirements identified in the Workforce Strategy
  • To encourage disadvantaged people and those wanting a change of career to consider NHS as an employer of choice
  • To promote equality of opportunity for disabled persons
  • To provide quality work placements by central co-ordination, advising on good practice and ensuring all legislation and policies are adhered to

In order to provide a high quality experience, work placements will be limited to 5 per month and will be processed on a first come, first served basis. All requests must be received at least 8 weeks prior to the requested placement date.

For further information, please email the Vocational Learning & Development Team:

Future work experience and work placement opportunities will also be advertised here.