Support for SAS doctors

Specialty and Associate Specialty (SAS) doctors

Macclesfield district general hospital is a medium sized hospital located in East Cheshire. Macclesfield is a nice little town with very good state schools as well as private schools and is a perfect place for family living.

Macclesfield hospital has the reputation of providing excellent working environment for the medical  staff.

Dr. Darren Kilroy , Consultant and Lead clinician (Emergency medicine) & Dep. Medical Director, (Medical Education & Partnerships) and Dr. Bhaskar Ayinaparthi, Consultant (Emergency medicine) & SAS Lead  look after the career  progression and development of the SAS doctors in the trust. We arrange regular courses and updates directed towards the development of SAS doctors and their career progression towards the CESR.

The SAS doctors who are keen to pursue their career through CESR are well supported and guided through the whole process of their applications.


The HENW Cheshire & Mersey region run courses on a variety of topics open to all SAS doctors in the region, delivered both by in-house teachers and external companies. Courses include communication, human factors, leadership, appraisal, reflective writing, and more.

At Macclesfield Hospital, recent courses have included: Negotiating the 'Resuscitation Decision-Making', Teaching Skills course (delivered by Maguire Training), 'Difficult Conversations' Minefield Workshop (delivered by the End of Life Partnership) and Leadership, Managing People and Building Teams (delivered by tle Miad).

Feedback described the Teaching Skills course as an 'excellent course, well paced and delivered by a seasoned course leader', 'improved all my training skills', 'well organised, informative and interesting', and 'would recommend to colleagues.'

Feedback described the 'Difficult Conversations' Minefield workshop as 'useful, informative, enjoyable and well organised,' that it was 'interesting to have different specialities included,' and that 'the communication scenarios were "brilliant" and those and the role play gave "good insight" into difficult situations and how best to communicate in these.'

Feedback from the Leadership, Managing People and Building Teams course said: 'this course has provided me with several new skills to be applied in my immediate future and raise an interest to develop further in this area', 'very interesting and informative course', 'will highly recommend' and 'brilliant, relevant and inspiring.'



 Dr Bhaskar Ayinaparthi, SAS Lead, 


Catherine Rimmer, SAS Administrator,