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About the trust
An overview of awards and achievements at East Cheshire NHS Trust and Macclesfield District General Hospital.
Awards and achievements in 2019
Awards and achievements in 2019 So far in ...
Awards and achievements in 2018
A summary of awards and achievements at East Cheshire NHS Trust and Macclesfield Hospital so far in 2018.
Awards and achievements in 2017
East Cheshire NHS Trust awards & achievements summary 2017 ...
Awards and achievements in 2016
Awards and achievements 2016 In January 2016 the trust ...
Awards and achievements in 2015
Awards and achievements in 2015 In May the trust ...
Awards archive
Awards in 2014 East Cheshire NHS Trust and arvato UK scoop ...
Staff awards
Trust staff awards
Being open
Being open
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Equality and Human Rights
Equality and Human Rights at the trust
Equality Act Information
Equality Act information
Equality objectives
Equality objectives
Disability Equality Group
Disability Equality Group
Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation It is estimated that about 3% of ...
Gender Identity
Gender Identity and Gender Reassignment It is estimated that ...
Sustainability and Transformation Plans
Sustainability and Transformation Plans
Freedom of information
About the Trust - Freedom of Information
Environmental Information Regulations
Environmental information requests EIR
How to make an FOI request
Make an FOI request
What is a Publication Scheme?
Publication Scheme
Classes of information
Classes of information
Who we are
Who we are and what we do at the trust
What we spend
What we spend at the trust
Spend over £25k
Spend over 25k at the trust
Our priorities
What are our priorities and how we are doing
Decision making
Key trust policies
Lists and registers
Trust lists and registers
Services offered
Trust services
Records management
Records management procedures at the trust
Disclosure log
Disclosure log of trust requests
Disclosure log catering
Clinical information
Disclosure log clinical information
Corporate information
disclosure log corporate information
Decision making
Disclosure log decision making
Environmental information
Disclosure log environmental information
Expenditure - disclosure log
FOI and EIR request handling -disclosure log
Human resources
Human resources - disclosure log
Miscellaneous - disclosure log
Operational - disclosure log
Performance - disclosure log
Policies - disclosure log
Security and confidentiality
Security and confidentiality -disclosure log
Services - disclosure log
Workforce - disclosure log
Patient confidentiality
Patient confidentiality and data protection
NHS Constitution
NHS Constitution
Our objectives
Our vision, mission, objectives and values for 2020/21   2020/21 ...
East Cheshire NHS Trust policies and procedures.
Search policies
Search policies and procedures
For staff who are looking for the 'Monofer® (iron ...
Maternity-related guidelines can now be found here (please note this is ...
Quality and performance
About the Trust - Trust Board - Quality Performance
Care Quality Commission
Care Quality Commission
Safe Staffing
Safe staffing From June 2014 it is a Department ...
Sign up to Safety Campaign
How East Cheshire NHS Trust is taking part in NHS England's Sign up to Safety campaign
Open and Honest Care
An overview of Open and Honest Care at East Cheshire NHS Trust
Review our services
How to submit a review of East Cheshire NHS Trust services, including those at Macclesfield District General, Congleton War Memorial and Knutsford and District hospitals.
Performance in Clinical Research
Performance in Clinical Research The Government wants to see ...
Time to go Home
An East Cheshire NHS Trust project focusing on discharging patients in a timely but safe manner and avoiding unnecessary admissions.
Our standards
A focus on safety and quality has always been central to everything we do at East Cheshire NHS Trust.
Quality Account
Quality Account The directors are required under the Health ...
Trust Board
East Cheshire NHS Trust Board
Non-executive directors
East Cheshire NHS Trust non executive directors
Executive directors
East Cheshire NHS Trust executive directors
Annual reports
Trust Board - Annual Reports
Annual plan
About the Trust - Trust Board - Annual Plan
Trust board meetings
Please note that, until further notice, the public trust ...
Conflicts of Interest Register
East Cheshire NHS Trust's register of interests page, providing a link to all staff declarations under the Conflict of Interest Policy.
Corporate Services
Trust corporate services
Communications and Engagement
Communications and Engagement
Corporate Affairs and Governance
Corporate Affairs and Governance
Information Governance
Information Governance
What's the difference
Data protection and freedom of information
Data protection checklist
Data protection checklist
Patient Confidentiality
Data protection checklist
Clinical audit
Clinical audit
Counter fraud
Counter fraud
Customer Care
Customer care at the trust
Complaints and concerns
Complaints and concerns
Compliments and comments
Compliments and comments
Facilities - Estates
Facilities Department
Facilities - Soft FM
Facilities Soft FM
Domestic services
Domestic Services
Grounds maintenance
Grounds maintenance
Travel at the trust
Training courses
Conflict resolution training
Finance Department
HR services
Staff benefits
Staff benefits
Service Redesign
Service Redesign The Service Redesign team support staff ...
Organisation Charts
Our Services
Trust services
Shared services
Our shared services
Organ donation
Organ donation
Consultants directory
List by ...
Dr Joanne Dennis
Name  Dr Joanne Mary Dennis Service Line Women's and Children's Service Consultant (Sexual ...
Dr Sriram Iyer
Name  Dr Sriram Iyer Service Line Medical Specialties Service Consultant About me Awaiting ...
Dr Pedro Joaquin Puertas Broggi
Name  Dr Pedro Joaquin Puertas Broggi Service Line Urgent Care Service Consultant About me ...
Mr Say Aun Quah
Say Aun Quah
Dr Iram Rabbani
Name  Dr Iram Rabbani Service Line Women's and Children's Service Obstetrician and Gynaecology ...
Mr Arun Sachdev
Name  Mr Arun Sachdev Service Line Surgical Specialties Job Title Consultant Opthamologist Bio Awaiting ...
Dr Maryam Shahbaz
Name  Dr Maryam Shahbaz Service Line Medical Specialties Job Title Consultant Rheumatologist About me ...
Dr John Sil
Name  Dr John Sil Service Line Clinical Support Job Title Consultant Radiologist About me ...
Dr Susan Walsh
Name  Dr Sue Walsh Service Line Women's and Children's Service Consultant Sexual Health About ...
Dr Gail Whitehead
Gail Whitehead
Children's Services
Children's Services
Bladder and Bowel
Bladder and Bowel COVID – 19:  During the pandemic we ...
The children’s outpatients service is delivered from a child friendly and welcoming department based at Macclesfield District General Hospital.
The Children’s Ward has 21 beds, caring for children living in East Cheshire from 0 - 16 years with medical, surgical, orthopaedic, or mental health issues.
Planned Care
Surgical Specialties  Anaesthetic Specialties Breast SurgeryDay Case Unit  Breast Reconstruction Ear, nose and ...
Hospital Sterilisation and Decontamination Department (HSDU) HSDU is part of Planned ...
In-patient Booking Service
In-Patient Booking Service   East Cheshire NHS Trust schedules ...
Oral services
Oral services
Pre operative assessment
Pre operative assessment
Ward 10 and Trauma and Orthopaedics
Orthopaedic wards, Ward 10, Wards
Surgical wards
Surgical wards
Main theatres
Surgical Day Case Unit
An overview of the Surgical Day Case Unit at Macclesfield District General Hospital.
Anaesthetic specialties
East Cheshire NHS trust has 6 operating theatres providing a ...
Breast Surgery
Breast ...
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction at Macclesfield Process/expectations There are two important principles ...
Ear, nose and throat
Ear, nose and throat services
Community Services
Community services Our aim is to provide as much ...
Clinical support & diagnostic services
Clinical Support & Diagnostics East Cheshire NHS Macclesfield Congleton and Knutsford hospital
Anticoagulant The Anticoagulant Department is based within the Pathology ...
Clinical Admin
Clinical ...
Cancer services
Cancer services
Palliative Care
Lung cancer nurses
Macmillan lung cancer nurses The team consists of 2 ...
After treatment
After treatment and survivorship
Oncology Research Team
Chemotheraphy treatment
Chemotheraphy treatment
Macmillan Skin Clinical Service
Macmillan Skin Clinical Nurse Specialist If you have skin ...
Breast care
Breast care services
Endoscopy treatment
Endoscopy Treatment Unit
Registration and Bereavement Office
Bereavement Office
Outpatient Department
Outpatient Department
An overview of pathology services at Macclesfield Hospital, including the pathology handbook.
Renal Services
East Cheshire NHS Dialysis Unit Your care is jointly ...
Dialysis nephrology
Dialysis nephrology
Clinical Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy dispensary
Aseptic Unit
Pharmacy Aseptic Unit
Medicines information
Education and training
Pharmacy education and training
Pharmacy stores and distribution
Production Unit
Repackaging Unit
Pharmacy automation
FAQs, Pharmacy
Who's who
Pharmacy Team
Women and children's services
Families and Wellbeing
Complex Care
Complex Care
Health Visiting Service
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Details of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Service, including details of our gynaecology consultants.
Maternity services
Maternity services
Macclesfield Birth Centre
Macclesfield Birth Centre
Antenatal screening tests
Antenatal screening tests   All pregnant women are offered ...
Preparing for a baby
Preparing for your baby's arrival When you have found ...
Pain relief in labour
Pain relief in labour
Early Pregnancy
Early Pregnancy Unit
Postnatal ward
Newborn screening
Newborn screening  You will be offered a newborn physical ...
Midwifery Groups
Midwifery Group Practices Maternity services at East Cheshire NHS ...
Neonatal care
Baby feeding
Breastfeeding, Infant feeding
Breastfeeding your baby
Differences in baby milk
Differences in baby milk
Professional Midwifery Advocates
Supervisors of midwives
Maternity Voices Committee
Maternity Services Liaison Committee
Private Midwifery Care
Details of private midwifery services for expectant mums in Macclesfield, Knutsford, Congleton and surrounding areas, provided at Macclesfield Hospital.
Newborn Hearing
Newborn hearing screening
Special Needs Nursing
Special Needs Nursing
Urgent care services
Urgent Care Acute medicine Critical care outreach Anaesthetics Acute pain Theatres Intensive Care and ...
Acute medicine
Acute medicine
Critical Care Unit
Critical Care
Anaesthetic Department
Acute pain
Acute pain
Intensive Care and High Dependancy
Intensive Care and High Dependancy Unit
Critical care outreach
Critical care outreach
Emergency Department
An overview of Accident and Emergency at Macclesfield Hospital
GP Out of Hours
Details of East Cheshire NHS Trust's GP Out of Hours Service based at Macclesfield and Leighton hospitals, GP
Minor Injuries Unit
Details of the Minor Injuries Unit at Congleton War Memorial Hospital, including opening times and contact details.
Specialist medical services
Medical specialties
Bladder and Bowel
Bladder and Bowel About Incontinence Bladder and bowel problems are ...
Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain Service
Coronary Care Unit
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation The East Cheshire NHS Trust Cardiac Rehabilitation ...
Integrated Respiratory Service
Integrated Respiratory Service
Stop Smoking Service
Smoking Cessation
Ward 7
Diabetes, cardiology and endocrinology
Ward 9
Ward 9 at the East Cheshire NHS Trust is ...
Allied Health Services
Allied Health Services  Audiology Community Dental Services Diabetic Retinopathy Home Intravenous ...
Children' s Speech and Language Therapy
Adult Speech and language
Speech and language
Adult Physiotherapy Service
Adult Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Occupational therapy
Occupational therapy
Paediatric Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services
Paediatric Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services at East Cheshire ...
Adult Audiology
Adult Audiology
Paediatric Audiology
Paediatric Audiology
Nutrition and Dietetics
Nutrition and Dietetics
The Podiatry Service offers specialist service provision such as wound care, nail surgery, biomechanical assessment and orthotics manufacturing and supply.
Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetes, Diabetic Retinopathy
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions   What happens during a diabetic ...
Contact Us
Contact Us If you have any queries or feedback, ...
Integrated Care
This page is currently under reconstruction, however if you ...
Intermediate care
Intermediate care
Integrated Discharge Team
Integrated Discharge Team
Community Nursing
community nursing east and south and vale royal, district nursing
Research What is research? Research is defined within the Research ...
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) ...
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What do I ...
IBD Links
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service Links The following links provide ...
Patients & Visitors
Patients and visitors at the trust
Accessible Information Standard
Accessible Information Standard Our aim is for all of ...
Appointment reminder service
Appointment reminder service
Car parking
Details of car parking at Macclesfield District General Hospital. Includes car parking charges and details for Blue Badge holders.
Paying for parking
How to pay for parking at Macclesfield Hospital.
Blue Badge holders
Blue Badge and disabled parking arrangements at Macclesfield Hospital.
Parking Charge Notices and appeals
Parking charge notices and appeals relating to parking at Macclesfield Hospital.
Motorcycle and alternative parking
Motorcycle parking and alternative parking at Macclesfield District General Hospital.
Cheshire Care Record
The Cheshire Care Record is a summary care record ...
Clean and safe
Clean and safe hospital
Infection control
Infection control at the hospital.
Safeguarding Children/Young People and Adults Our responsibilities Under Section 11 ...
Coming into hospital
Patients & Visitors - Coming into Hospital
Congleton Hospital
An overview of Congleton War Memorial Hospital including opening times, contact details and visiting hours on the Aston Unit.
Knutsford Hospital
Information about Knutsford Community Hospital, including opening times and blood clinic opening times.
Macclesfield Hospital
An overview of Macclesfield District General Hospital. Includes a map of the Macclesfield Hospital site which features New Alderley House for breast screening and sexual health services.
Leaving hospital
Leaving our hospital
Patient transport
Patient transport services  Most people who have a hospital ...
Assistance and PAT dogs
Bringing assistance and PAT dogs onto trust premises including ...
How to find us
How to find us
Learning disabilities
Learning Disabilities Working Together To Get It Right East ...
Open 2 Autism
Open 2 Autism East Cheshire NHS Trust’s Open 2 ...
Overseas visitors
Overseas visitors If you are visiting the United Kingdom ...
Patient Advice and Liaison Service
Patient confidentiality
Patient confidentiality at East Cheshire NHS Trust
Data Protection
Data Protection at East Cheshire NHS Trust.
Patient health information
Patient leaflets
Interpretation and translation
Interpreting and translation services
Patient passports
Patient passports What is the need for a patient ...
Privacy, dignity and respect
Dignity and respect
Essence of care
Essence of care
Single sex accommodation
Single accommodation
Same sex FAQs
Same sex accommodation FAQs
Chapliancy service
Restaurants and cafes
Restaurants and cafes at East Cheshire NHS Trust.
Shared decision making
Shared decision making At East Cheshire NHS Trust we ...
Speak Out Safely
Speak Out Safely This trust supports the Nursing Times Speak ...
Subject Access (Access to Health Records)
Subject Access at East Cheshire NHS Trust.
Visiting hours
Visiting the hospital.
Ward Information
Ward performance information East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed ...
Ward information archive
An archive of monthly ward performance posters for Macclesfield District General Hospital.
Who's who
Who's who at the trust
Why choose us
Why choose us?
Test Branch
Contact us We welcome comments and feedback if you ...
Contact us We welcome comments and feedback if you ...
Contact us We welcome comments and feedback if you ...
Contact us We welcome comments and feedback if you ...
Macclesfield District Hospital
Congleton War Memorial Hospital
Knutsford and District Community Hospital
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Postgraduate Medical Education Department
Postgraduate Medical Education Department, PGME
Foundation Programme
Foundation Programme
GPVTS Teaching
GPVTS Teaching
Support for SAS doctors
Support for SAS doctors
Undergraduate Medical Education Programme
Undergraduate Medical Education Programme
Dental Section
Dental Section
Simulation and Clinical Skills
An overview of the Simulation and Clinical Skills Lab at Macclesfield District General Hospital.
Trainer accreditation for consultants and SAS doctors
Trainer accreditation for consultants and SAS doctors
Study leave for all junior doctors
Study leave for all junior doctors
Grand Round multi-disciplinary lectures
Grand Round multi-disciplinary lectures
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Careers and Engagement Opportunities
The Cheshire Career and Engagement Hub is a new service that is here to help local young people, partner organisations and those considering a career in health and social care.
Work experience
Work Experience East Cheshire NHS Trust aims to engage positively ...
Step into Health
Step into Health is a partnership between Health ...
Get Involved
Get involved with the trust.
Patient engagement and experience
Patient Engagement
Patient surveys
Patient surveys at the trust.
Public consultations
Public consultations
Have your say
Have your say
Tatton Ward
Tatton Ward
Handforth Health Centre
This public consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone ...
Volunteer at the trust
A day in the life of a volunteer
Several East Cheshire NHS Trust volunteers explain what they enjoy about their roles at Macclesfield Hospital.
Territorial Army hospital
207 Manchester Field Hospital We need you! Who we are 207 ...
Friends and Family Test
Friends and Family Test Patients will now be able to have ...
Our charity
Our charity
Health Professionals
Healthcare professionals
Library and Knowledge
Staff library service
Trust formulary and NICE guidance
East Cheshire NHS Trust's medicines formulary and associated NICE guidance.
News & Events
Trust news and events
Trust news
Local trust news
Follow us on twitter
The trust's twitter feed includes key news and updates ...
Multimedia at the trust
National health news
Department of Health news
Health Matters
Health matters events
Contact Us
Contact the trust
Locations and directions
How to find East Cheshire NHS Trust hospitals in Macclesfield, Congleton and Knutsford
Macclesfield District Hospital
How to find Macclesfield District General Hospital.
By foot or cycle
How to find us by foot or cycle.
Public transport
How to find us with public transport.
Congleton War Memorial Hospital
How to find Congleton War Memorial Hospital.
Knutsford District Community Hospital
How to find Knutsford District Community Hospital.
Tatton Unit update
Tatton Unit update The Tatton Unit at Knutsford District Community Hospital ...
Other Outpatient clinic locations
Outpatient clinics The trust also have our main outpatient ...
District Nurses
District Nurses (by Area)         ...
GPs and CCGs
Please use the provided links to access your local Clinical ...
Macclesfield wards
An overview of main wards at Macclesfield Hospital including contact details.
Terms and Conditions The use of the East Cheshire NHS Trust ...
Copyright The information featured on this website is the ...
Disclaimer In no event shall we be liable to ...
Privacy statement This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices ...
Accessibility ...
Site ...
About us
We support the healthcare professionals whose job it is ...
How your Money is Spent
Your donations really do make a difference. Donations allow ...
Get Involved
There are lots of fun ways that you can ...
Events ...
How you can support the trust at this time ...
Contact us
This is your charity and this is your ...
Our latest newsletter can be viewed by clicking on ...
Macclesfield Health Hub
Welcome Welcome to the new Macclesfield Health Hub. We ...
Our Services
A list of health services and therapies provided by Macclesfield Health Hub on Sunderland Street, Macclesfield. Includes podiatry, audiology and health screening.
NHS Services
We offer a range of private healthcare services that ...
The adult Audiology Department provides comprehensive hearing services for ...
Private Services
Cosmetic Treatments
The Macclesfield Health Hub offers a private patient service ...
Travel Clinic
We provide a full range of travel clinic ...
Consulting Rooms
Patient Information
More patient information coming ...
Our Health Team
More about our team coming ...
Join The Hub
East Cheshire NHS Trust (ECT) and Vernova Healthcare Community ...
Contact Us
Macclesfield Health Hub Sunderland Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 ...
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