Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy

The Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy service supports children and young people 0 – 16 years old, who have a range of speech, language and communication difficulties and/ or feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Our team of therapists work across 3 Clinical Commissioning Groups of South Cheshire, East Cheshire and Vale Royal, providing clinic based services from 15 locations in these localities. In addition, we also work in Early Years settings, Child Development Centres, mainstream and special schools and work with babies and young children with feeding /swallowing difficulties at both Macclesfield and Mid Cheshire Hospitals.

The team have excellent working relationships our 2 Local Councils and our SALTs have actively been involved in the SEND reforms and regularly contribute to the EHC process. Therapists work collaboratively with parents/carers, other health professionals and early years and education practitioners who the child/young person has regular contact or support from.

The service is proactive in delivering training to others, particularly in the education sector, aiming to upskill the wider workforce to more effectively manage those children/young people with speech, language and communication needs. We have close links with both Manchester Universities, being committed to contributing to student training by providing a range of clinical placements. 

We have a supportive team structure in place, consisting of a service lead, clinic and school leads in each of the 3 localities and Advanced Clinical Specialists. We are therefore able to offer a range of experience and career development opportunities for all staff from therapy assistants through to Specialist Clinicians.

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