Kash and Rachael
East Cheshire NHS Trust appoints to new director-level diversity and inclusion role
09 September 2019

East Cheshire NHS Trust has reinforced its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace with a new director-level appointment.

The trust’s Chief Pharmacist Kash Haque has taken on the role of Director of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion in addition to his clinical role.

Among Kash’s first tasks in his new role will be to engage with a large number of staff at all levels on the subject of diversity and inclusion and look for areas where further improvements can be made. He will then develop a wide-ranging diversity and inclusion plan and will report its progress to senior trust clinicians and the organisation’s board.

Kash, who has previously been involved in projects including the creation of a multi-faith prayer room at Macclesfield Hospital, said: “Equality, diversity and inclusion is very important to me and I am passionate about working with senior leaders and other staff and service users in the organisation to promote the importance of this issue.

“For me, equality is not just about fairness, it is more than that. It is about encouraging, enabling and supporting people, whether they are our staff or service users, in ways that are sensitive and responsive to their unique and individual needs and personalities. As a trust, we want to make positive and constructive use of the diversity of our staff. We want to encourage multi-cultural teamwork in which staff can feel comfortable in drawing on personal and cultural heritages to inform good and sensitive practice. This has to then enrich our delivery of health care and the management of, and collaboration between, our staff.”

Rachael Charlton, Executive Director of HR and OD, added: “At East Cheshire NHS Trust we are committed to a fair workplace where difference is recognised and valued and everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“We know that diversity and inclusion leads to improved wellbeing and greater staff experience of the NHS and we welcome the challenge of enabling staff from all backgrounds to develop and excel in their role. “I look forward to supporting Kash throughout this vital work.”

The trust provides services which are inclusive of LGBT+/LGBTQ, disabled, Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and all staff and service users with protected characteristics identified under the Equality Act.

The trust strives to tailor its services to meet the needs of staff and patients in line with equality legislation and its values, while providing employees with equitable opportunities for development.