GPVTS Teaching

We are a small and friendly group, who's ethos is to care for the needs of individuals , in a learner-centred , Registrar -centred way.
We have a diverse group of local and international graduates, all of whom compliment each other and enrich the group by their presence .
Being close to Manchester, the Peak District , even Crewe and Liverpool we are attractive to trainees from across Cheshire, South Manchester and Merseyside. Whether the bright lights and entertainment of Manchester, eateries and residencies of South Manchester or the beauty of the Peak District are reasons to come to Macclesfield , or indeed the friendliness of the hospital, town and quality of local schools and affordable housing , there is a welcome for all and a cohesive buzz of the training scheme right from the start.
There is a welcome , friendly feel for all be it as a new individual , coming to Macclesfield independently ,to someone contemplating maternity leave or less than full time return to work.We have a wealth of experience  and advice for Registrars contemplating family-friendly working.We offer intensive support for preparation for the CSA exam, focusing especially on communication and consultation skills

Tracks include medicine, acute and Chronic, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics , A and E , a rotation to the local hospice to name a few.

There are a wide variety of training Practices - from very large to relatively small - all of whom teach and train at a very high standard and with refreshing enthusiasm .

We have dedicated specialist group teaching to enhance success rates for international graduates and a very high success and satisfaction rates across all our trainees.
We place a very high emphasis on making trainees feel included and empowered as young leaders in their field from the start and ensure our Registrars are happy, resilient and prepared for their future in General Practice. Teaching takes place weekly for trainees in ST1/2 or 3, weekly when in GP placements and two weekly in hospital posts, with departmental specialist training weekly additionally.

Our cohesive ST3s go on to form first 5 groups and continue to support each other cohesively for years to come


Dr Debbie Maxwell, GPVTS Programme Director

Becky Hope, GPVTS local administrator,