Blue Badge holders  

All Blue Badge holders are fully exempt from car park charges. However, you will need to provide your full car registration number and produce your current Blue Badge at the reception desk within the hospital for your details to be entered in to the system. The hospital will then add your vehicle registration into the camera system with your blue badge number and the exemption for free car parking will be valid while your blue badge is current.

You only need to do this on your first visit as the system will recognise the number on each subsequent visit after this. If you make any changes i.e. change your vehicle or renew your blue badge you will need to re-register following the above process.

Blue Badge holders visiting Macclesfield Hospital at weekends

If you visit Macclesfield Hospital at the weekend and the main reception is closed, please go to the reception desk in A&E and staff there will arrange for the security team to add your vehicle to the system. 

Failure to comply with the terms & conditions will result in a parking charge of £70, which will be reduced to £40 if paid within the first 14 days.