Coming into hospital

East Cheshire NHS Trust consists of three hospitals at Macclesfield, Knutsford and Congleton.

Coming into hospital can be a little daunting. You may be a little nervous and unsure about what to expect. It may help a little if you familiarise yourself with your surroundings, and the people who will be taking care of you. Follow these simple helpful tips so that you are prepared when you visit the hospital and feel a little more comfortable.


  • Take some time to find the nearest toilet and washing facilities. We wish to encourage you to do as much as you can for yourself but we also want you to be safe whilst you are here. If you need assistance with any personal hygiene issues staff are available to help you wherever necessary.
  • The trust accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property of any kind, in whatever way the loss or damage may occur, unless deposited for safe custody. Please leave valuables at home. If you need to bring personal items that are expensive, for example micro hearing aids, please be aware that you do so at your own risk.
  • Ask the nursing staff about leaflets available to all patients about your particular condition, treatment or care so that you know what to expect. Patient leaflets can also be found on the website if you wish to find out more before you arrive.
  • Ensure that you have the correct footwear with you to prevent slips, trips and falls during your stay with us.
  • Please do not bring alcohol into hospital.

Smoke free

There is a no smoking policy within the hospital, the hospital grounds, gardens, car parks and all buildings associated with East Cheshire NHS Trust. This policy applies to all staff, patients and any other visitors to the hospital. If you are found smoking please do not be offended when asked to extinguish your cigarettes.

‘Breathing other people’s smoke is both a public health hazard and a welfare issue and it is our duty to protect the health of all our patients, staff and visitors.’

Many of our staff and patients have seen this as an ideal opportunity to cut down or to stop smoking altogether and we are keen to support everyone who wants to give up. If you are a smoker and would like support to help you quit our hospital stop smoking advisor will offer confidential and personal help providing Nicotine replacement therapy and assistance whilst you take the very big step to quit. Call Catriona Holden on 07831 715513.

If you are in hospital to have a baby or have recently given birth we also have a stop smoking midwife who will be able to help you. Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health and that of your baby. Call Lorraine Frith on 07712 783781.

Bedside facilities

Mobile phones should not be used within the wards as they not only interfere with medical equipment but also disturb other patients within the ward.

Your personal details

It would be helpful that during your stay in hospital to ensure that all your contact details held by the trust are up to date and appropriate. These details can be checked with the ward staff. At all times the trust will ensure that your personal details remain confidential. Please ensure that when giving personal data to a member of staff you help us to retain our confidentiality and do so quietly. If you need assistance and wish to discuss this in private please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help you.

Equality and diversity

We recognise and appreciate that patients have their own values and beliefs and we always respect these. If you wish to discuss your personal requirements please speak to a member of staff. View our Equality and human rights page for more information.

Privacy and dignity

As a patient, you will expect the best possible clinical care when you come to hospital. You also have the right to expect that, as well as looking after your physical needs, hospital staff will be polite and helpful and conscious of your need for privacy and dignity.

All hospitals are now required to provide same sex accommodation within the bays on a ward whenever possible. We have worked hard to recently install extra toilet and washroom facilities on the wards to provide same sex accommodation. The toilets and washroom facilities will always be very clearly marked according to the bay on which you are staying.

In usual circumstances you will stay on a bay within a ward of same sex people to ensure standards of privacy and dignity are met. On very rare occasions we may have to mix a bay, however you will always be asked should this emergency situation arise.

Within this hospital, as with most hospitals there are also a few critical care areas with mixed sex accommodation, where same sex accommodation is not practical due to the emergency nature of these areas.

During your stay you may need to move wards in accordance with your treatment. We try to keep this disruption to a minimum and the ward staff will notify you and your relatives in advance if this is to happen. Please speak to a member of staff if you are in any way concerned with your accommodation. View our privacy, dignity and respect page for more information.

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