The Trust

Ward 9 at the East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed to provide high standards of quality care especially focusing on patients who suffer from forms of dementia. 

Our pledge to support ‘John’s Campaign’ aims to give carers an opportunity to be involved as much or as little as they want in the care of your loved one during their hospital stay.

We can provide flexible visiting times, overnight stays and also an exemption for car parking charges when staying to help/support your relative.

We encourage as normal a routine as possible and all patients are encouraged to get up and dressed. Please help us to achieve this by bringing in appropriate clothes and footwear.

Please help us by asking staff for a ‘Dementia Care Bundle’ which will provide you with all the information you require. The ‘This Is Me’ document once completed helps us to understand your relatives preferences.

At the end of your stay please complete the carer survey questionnaire which will allow us an opportunity to collate valuable feedback.

The unit

Ward 9 is on the ground level of the hospital.  We have 4 bays and 8 side rooms. Although we look after both male and female patients, we only put patients of the same sex in each area. 

The team


  • Dr C E Davison, Care of the Elderly Consultant

Dr Davison visits the ward to conduct regular ward rounds, supported by a team of doctors who are based within the ward area daily. 

Matron: Michelle Gillespie

Senior Sister: Katy Dunn 
Ward clerk: They assist with the daily running and administration of the ward.
Housekeeper: Supports the maintenance of cleanliness and ordering of supplies and facilitates the smooth running of the ward. 

Other staff you might meet on the ward

Occupational therapist: The occupational therapist provides specialist treatment to enable a safe and successful transition back into the community.  
Physiotherapist: The aim of the Physiotherapy Team is to provide a specialised treatment plan which will enable patients to achieve their maximum physical potential. 

Tissue viability nurse specialist: Specialise in the prevention and management of pressure sores and wound dressings.

Dieticians: Visit the ward as required, referrals are made via the named nurse.
Phlebotomist (technician skilled in taking blood) visits daily to collect blood samples requested by the medical team.

Specialist nurses: If your condition or care requires the input of a specialist nurse, this will be arranged by the Medical Admissions Unit.

Student nurses may be on placement on the unit. There are also work experience students on the ward from the age of 16 years upwards.
All staff will introduce themselves to you but if you are at all unclear please ask.

Visit our who's who section for more information

Hand washing

Infection control is an issue at the forefront of most people’s minds when coming into hospital. To help the unit stop infection please wash your hands on arrival and departure, you will find a sink located at the entrance of the unit. Alcohol gel dispensers are also strategically located throughout the unit.
You are also encouraged to ask nursing and clinical staff if they have washed their hands prior to examination.

Helpful Information

We ask that visitors don’t sit on the patients beds.  If there are insufficient chairs in the bedroom, please ask a member of staff.  You can also take your patient into the conservatory.

Our unit is locked at all times for the safety of our patients please press the buzzer on arrival and a member of staff will open the doors for you, on exiting please ask a member of staff to let you out. Please be mindful that you are not letting other patients or visitors in and out.

There is a hospital shop on the ground floor near the main entrance; they have a mobile trolley that visits the ward on a number of days.

More information

Contact details:

Senior Sister,  Katy Dunn: 01625 661009