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East Cheshire NHS Trust provides a comprehensive range of acute (hospital) and community-based services. By bringing acute and community services closer together, our aim is to ensure that patients receive the best care in the right place. 

Our acute services include A&E, emergency surgery, elective surgery, maternity and cancer services. We also provide a number of hospital services in partnership with other local trusts and private providers, including pathology, urology and renal dialysis services. 

Our community health services include; district nursing, health visiting, intermediate care, occupational and physiotherapy, community dental services, speech and language therapy and palliative care.

Our A-Z directory of services provides a guide to the full range of services we offer within an easy to find A-Z format.

Meanwhile, our consultant's directory provides an A - Z list of our hospital consultants.

 You can view the trust's Certificate of Registration from the Care Quality Commission here



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