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Intermediate Care

Intermediate Care is provided by East Cheshire NHS Trust, Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council in partnership with local acute hospitals, working together to provide integrated health and social care.

Intermediate Care is an umbrella term for a range of integrated services designed to provide:

  • An alternative to hospital admission
  • A way to support early discharge from hospital
  • Rehabilitation packages to promote independence and avoid long term care
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Intermediate care aims to:

  • Prevent unnecessary and avoidable hospital admission for people who have experienced an acute health event that has resulted in a change in physical functioning.
  • Help people recover faster and to achieve their full potential following illness or injury
  • Facilitate safe and timely discharge from hospital where there is a rehabilitation need and/or potential to improve physical functioning
  • Maximise independent living

What is included in an Intermediate Care package?

  • A detailed health and social care assessment.
  • An individual plan of care.
  • Regular monitoring and review of the services received.
  • A person-centred programme of rehabilitation involving a combination of nursing, social care and therapy
  • Rehabilitation and care programmes at home and/or a short term placement in an Intermediate Care unit

 Intermediate Care programmes may include:

  • Working with staff to enable people to become more independent.
  • Confidence building
  • Practice in everyday tasks such as dressing, walking and cooking
  • Help in use of equipment such as walking frames
  • Support and advice
  • Onward referral to other services if required.

Our team

The team includes a wide range of staff who may be working with you. These include:

  • Social workers who will help and advise on discharge arrangements and ongoing support
  • Nurses who will help and advise on your health issues
  • Occupational and Physiotherapists who will help you to become more independent
  • Support workers who will work alongside Therapists to encourage active recovery
  • Intermediate care doctors who will provide treatment and advice for those in bed based unit

Contact details

Nantwich Base

For both Community and Leighton hospital referrals, telephone: 01270 629255, Fax: 01270 275447 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. For urgent referrals from 5.00 pm to 8.00 am Page: 0844 8222 888 request “Homecare One” and leave a message with a contact number.

Macclesfield Base

Community referrals for Intermediate Care may be made by contacting the service on 01625 663322 8.30am to 5.00pm. 

Hospital referrals for the Macclesfield area can be made to Discharge Liaison on 01625 661440 8.30am to 5.00pm. 

Response times

  • Referrals for preventing avoidable hospital admission will usually be actioned within two hours
  • Referrals for facilitation of hospital discharge will be actioned within 48 hours
  • Referrals from Macclesfield District General Hospital may be received using the electronic single point of referral 
  • Referrals from Mid Cheshire Hospitals Trust may be received by telephone or fax from agreed wards

Who's who

The service has two bases, Nantwich and Macclesfield:

Julie Langley Head of Integrated Care

Secretary: Jemma Crook

Tel:  01625 661562

Nantwich Base

John Snow House

Barony Court



Tel: 01270 415425

Intermediate Care Service Manager South & Vale Royal: Karin Howorth 

Secretary:  Sue Lyon

Tel: 01270 275210

Macclesfield base                         

New Alderley House                                

Macclesfield District General Hospital


SK10 3BL

01625 663322.

Intermediate Care Service Manager East: Debbie Burgess

Secretary: Julie Goulden

Tel: 01625 663263


Will I have to pay for the help I receive?

You will not be charged for the short term services you receive from Intermediate Care

If you need ongoing care after the Intermediate Care input, a financial assessment will determine the amount you need to contribute.

We will discuss with you the cost of services and advise you about the Community Services’ financial assessment system. This will enable your contribution to be worked out.

Does Intermediate Care finish after six weeks?

Intermediate Care is short term input, which may be for a little as 2 days or may last up to 6 weeks if someone is still having active rehabilitation.  Reviews are held regularly; this gives people who are on the scheme and their carers a chance to discuss progress and discharge plans with their care manager.

What happens at the end of my care programme?

At the end of your programme, you may still need some ongoing help.  This will be organised by your care manager.

Can people who have dementia, mental health needs or learning disability access the service?

Yes, we accept referrals for these groups of people; each person’s needs are assessed on an individual basis. We do not provide care for people who only require acute mental health services. 

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