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Children’s Ward

The Children’s Ward has 21 beds, caring for children living in East Cheshire from 0 - 16 years with medical, surgical, orthopaedic, or mental health issues.

On the ward, patients will see a nurse or health care assistant and will be assessed by a doctor. Depending on the health problem the child presents with, patients could see a surgeon, ENT consultant, dentist, dietician, physiotherapist, radiographer, specialist nurse, research nurse or one of the community nurses.

Meet our team

What staff wear

Visiting times

Parent are welcome to stay with their child on the ward. Visiting for other visitors is from 2pm - 8pm and should be arranged with the child's parents and a parent should be present during the visit. 

What to expect 

Coming to hospital can feel a bit scary. If you are coming for a few hours or overnight, we have thought of some top tips to help you:

Packing your bag

Our ward can be very warm so bring t-shirts, cool comfy clothes and shoes, overnight clothes and your nice smelly stuff to keep you clean including your toothbrush!

Missing home

Bring your favourite toy, book, DVD, pillow and anything else that makes you feel comfy.

Beating boredom

We have plenty to do, see the play team for games, toys and activities, DVD’s. Tell us who you are and what you like to do. We love to know all about you. You could also fill out an ‘All about me’ form.

Nervous about treatment

If you are worried about anything, please tell us so we can explain things by talking or playing.


If you don’t like the taste of it, here are a few tips:

  1. Have a glass of your favourite drink close by
  2. As soon as you swallow the medicine, take the glass and have a drink
  3. Try sucking on an ice lolly before you take the medicine, the icy coldness will numb your taste buds
  4. Swallowing a tablet is much easier if you drink a little bit of water first. This gets the throat moving so it slips down smoothly. After you’ve swallowed the tablet drink some more water
  5. If you are dreading the medicine, just remember it makes you better so the more you have the less you will need
  6. Be brave, be strong and be wonderful!


You can fill out one of our menu’s each day. We try our best to give you food that you like. Bring some healthy snacks or fruit if you fancy a treat.


Ask friends and family to visit, it’s good to see a friendly face. Just ask about visiting times.

Rest and sleep

If you want to sleep, tell us not to disturb you, try to keep to your normal bedtime, try reading a story, listen to quiet music, put the lights down and rest.

Procedures and treatments 

Please see the 'what to expect' sheets on the right for information for you and your child on what to expect when undergoing certain procedures and treatments.

'All about me'

Please can you or your child fill in the 'All about me' form and bring it in to hospital with you. This will provide us with information about your child to help make their stay as comfortable as possible.