The Trust

In-Patient Booking Service


East Cheshire NHS Trust schedules elective admissions via the Admissions Booking Team based at Macclesfield District General Hospital. 

The Admissions Booking Team will contact you to arrange your admission date and will send you a letter to confirm those details. When you receive your letter check all the details. Your operation will usually take place in the morning or the afternoon of your admission date. Some operation lists run throughout the day which may mean that you have to wait in the ward area until it is time for your operation.

If you become unwell in the days before your operation and you do not think that you are fit enough to have your operation, please contact the Admissions Booking Team on one of the above numbers as soon as possible


Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Ear Nose and Throat, Gynaecology:

01625 663236 or 01625 663713

Oral care (Dental), Urology, Ophthalmology (Eyes):

01626 661897 or 01625 661925

Or email the team on:

Opening times:- 8.30-5pm Monday to Friday. 

Our aim:-

Our philosophy within the Admissions Booking Team is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We aim to ensure that every patient is treated within clinical priority of their 18 week RTT (referral to treatment).