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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will my prescription take?

Average times from when the prescription or discharge is received in the department are:

  • 20 minutes - Outpatient from A&E or clinics.
  • 60 minutes - Discharge from a ward.

2. Why does it take this time?

Processing your prescription involves a series of checks at each stage of activity. These are necessary to ensure your prescription is appropriate for you as an individual.

  • At reception- Your details are checked, and any allergies noted.
  • Clinical check- Is the dose appropriate? Are there any interactions with your current medication?
  • Dispensing- Your medicine is labelled for you.
  • Accuracy check- A final check that everything is correct.
  • Counselling - Your medicine is given to you and advice on how to take the medicines.

3. Do I have to pay?

If you are seen in a clinic and prescribed medicines you would be expected to pay the current prescription fee. Discharges do not incur any charges.

Exemptions to this are listed on the back of your prescription. Further exemptions would include ongoing oncology treatment.

4. I have no money with me, what do I do?

  • There is a cash machine outside the WRVS shop.
  • You could be issued with a bill - which can be paid at the cash office.
  • You could be advised that the drug can be bought over the counter at our Pharmacy shop.

5. Can I get my outpatient prescription from my local chemist?

No - this is a hospital-only prescription and can only be dispensed by this hospital Pharmacy Department.

6. Can I get my FP10 (green prescription from my GP) from the hospital pharmacy?

No - you must get this from your local chemist.

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