The Trust

Domestic Services

There is contract in place between the trust and ISS Mediclean which specifies the frequency of cleaning and working to the national standards. Compliance is monitored by regular auditing to ensure that the cleanliness is in line with the national specification for cleanliness.


Definitions of cleaning

  • Healthcare cleaners – each area whether it be clinical or non clinical has a healthcare cleaner and their cleaning is defined by a cleaning schedule.  Cleaning schedules are displayed in prominent locations in all clinical areas. In non clinical areas the schedule is located in the healthcare cleaners domestic cupboard.
  • Deep Clean Team – a deep clean rolling programme has been implemented which consists of one whole ward or high risk area being stripped down and cleaned from top to bottom using chlorine based solution together with steam cleaning
  • Enhanced cleaning – to support the deep cleaning programme, the trust has introduced an enhanced cleaning programme which incorporates all the cleaning techniques used in the deep cleans.  The schedule of cleaning includes i.e. wheelchairs, portable bedside fans, bed cleaning, light fixtures and chairs.


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