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Clinical Admin

The clinical administration team of medical secretaries, support secretaries, administration assistants and clinical transcription typists provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated administration support service to all clinical specialties across the Trust, meeting mandatory targets. 

The Trust have recently implemented a Clinical Transcription Suite and the clinical transcription typists transcribe all clinical correspondence across the Trust,  working closely with the medical secretaries across all specialties to ensure that important clinical correspondence is issued to GP’s and other health care professionals in a timely manner.


The team also includes:

Jane Derbyshire

Clinical Administration Manager

Tel:  01625 661418


Sue Costello

Clinical Administration Manager

Tel:  01625 661386


Gill Henshall

Medical Secretarial Team Leader

Tel:  01625 663266


Fran Chadwick

Medical Secretarial Team Leader


Jill Wesley

Transcription Suite Supervisor

Tel:  01625 661228

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