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For more information on the cafe and restaurants facilities the trust offer, across its different sites please visit the Restaurant and cafes webpage.

Tree Tops Restaurant cashiers and fresh fruit display


The Hospitality Service is provided by ISS Mediclean and supplies refreshments for meetings and buffets for Macclesfield District General Hsoptial.

The hospitality form is available to download from the trust intranet.  If you have any special requests contact the Catering Manager on ext 3921.

Patient meals

Menus are provided for patients daily and work on a 14 day menu cycle.  There is the provision for vegetarian, ethnic and special dietary requirements.  Patients with specific dietary needs can be referred to either the dietitian or the head chef for advice.
Snacks and beverages are available to all patients 24 hours a day on request.

Red trays

Red trays improve the nutritional intake of patients by providing help and or extra time to eat through the use of this specially designed tray. These patients may require assistance in cutting up food, feeding, encouragement or just time to eat.  In order for patients to receive a red tray, the menu must indicate this requirement

Protected mealtimes

Patient mealtimes are protected during a set period at the trust, which allows patients to eat their meals without disruption. Here we restrict visiting and non urgent clinical treatment to improve patients’ nutritional intake. Protected mealtimes are clearly signposted on the entrance of all wards.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Hazard: potential to cause harm to the consumer.
Analysis of the risk: the chance that a given hazard will occur.
Critical Control Point (CCP): a point, step or procedure to which control can be applied and a food safety hazard can be prevented, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level
The HACCP system is a requirement of the environmental health officer and is part of the food safety regulations providing documentary evidence of delivery times of patients meals on the ward within the time allotted. 

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