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Surgical wards


The East Cheshire NHS Trust Surgical Unit is committed to providing high standards of quality care.

The Surgical Wards consists of wards 1, 1A, 2, Surgical Day Case Unit and the Surgical Treatment Unit (STU).

Wards 1 and 2 both have a 21 bed capacity for female and male patients who are admitted for elective major bowel, abdominal and gynaecological surgery and procedures that require and inpatient bed. Ward 1A has 13 beds, for female patients whose specialty is caring for patients who require an inpatient bed predominately breast and gynaecological surgery.

All areas also care for emergency admissions. 


All bedded wards are divided into same sex 6 bedded bays, and side rooms, which a number have en-suite facilities.  

Surgical Day Case Unit has bays and single rooms and takes patients undergoing day case surgical procedures under general anaesthetic.

The Surgical Treatment Unit (STU) is where patients attend when they are having a surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. This consists of mainly ophthalmic procedures but can include general surgery, ENT and orthopaedics. The unit also admits elective surgical patients requiring an inpatient stay. These patients will attend on the day of admission, to be seen by the doctors, anaesthetist and nurses to have the admission documentation completed and be prepared for theatre. Patients are taken to theatre from the STU and are taken to the appropriate ward following surgery.

We nurse our patients in teams, with each team having both trained nurses and health care assistants working together to give continuity of care, ensuring quality and individuality. Our nursing team is supported by a variety of specialists whose ultimate aim is to provide your care in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment.


You will see many different members of staff during you visit to ward one, below is a list of their titles and the uniforms they wear:

·     Matron – Black uniforms with grey stripes

·     Senior Sister – Navy blue uniforms with red piping

·     Ward sister – Navy blue uniforms with white piping

·     Staff nurse – Hospital blue tunic/dress with white piping and navy blue trousers

·     Health care assistant – Grey tunic/dress with white piping and navy blue trousers

·     Housekeeper – Lilac dress with white piping

·     Ward clerk – Blue and white print blouse and black trousers/skirt

·     Domestic – Light blue tunic and navy blue trousers

·     Preoperative Specialist (PSP)/pain nurse – Black tunic with white piping and black trousers

Our team


Surgical team

Breast team 

Gynaecological team 

ENT team 

Mr Khan

Ms Roshanlall

Mr R Devaraj

Mr Camilleri

Mr Ward

Mr Kokan

Mr V Hall


Mr Habeeb


Mr J Kabyemela


Mr Sadat


Dr Dean


Mr Anjum


Dr S Nausheen


Dr I Rabbani


Dr J Acharya 



Visiting times

Visiting times on the wards is 2.00pm - 4.00pm and 7.00pm - 8.00pm.

If you need to visit outside these times please speak to the ward sister or staff nurse.

Meal times

·     Breakfast: 7.45am –  8.15am

·     Lunch: 12.00am – 1pm

·     Dinner: 5.00pm –   6pm

There is also regular tea and coffee rounds during the day 
The ward supports the trusts protected meal time policy, which is one hour at both lunch and dinner; this is a secure time in which meals will not be interrupted. We appreciate you supporting this policy.


Other useful information

Please can we remind visitors to wash their hands on entering and leaving the ward, there are hand washing facilities on the corridor prior to the ward entrance.  
We also ask that visitor’s don’t sit on the patients beds. If there are insufficient chairs in the bedroom, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff to find you a chair. 
Each bed area has an individual TV, radio, internet and telephone system, family and friends can contact you using the telephone number on the screen without you having to purchase a card, but if you want to use the TV, internet or telephone, you will need to purchase a card, there is a card machine situated on the corridor as you turn left back onto the main corridor as you leave the ward. A representative does visit the wards to help with any problems related to the system.      
The hospital has a shop near the main hospital entrance; they have a mobile trolley that visits the ward most days, selling papers, magazines and sweets. 
The hospital has a Discharge Team who works closely with the ward staff and other therapists. The aim is to ensure your discharge is safe, organized and appropriate. 


More information

Surgical Unit 
Macclesfield District General Hospital, 
Victoria Road, 
SK10 3BL

Directions: You are able to access the Surgical Unit in the main hospital. If you park on the main car park you will enter via the rear car park then walk past the WRVS shop and turn left. Take the first set of stairs or lift on the left. On the next floor turn right down the main corridor and the Surgical Unit is down the first corridor on your left. Ward 1 is to your left and ward 2 is to your right. SAU can be accessed via ward 2.  

Telephone number

Ward 1: 01625 661001

Ward 1A: 01625 663596 
Ward 2: 01625 661002

DCU: 01625 661899 
SAL: 01625 661737

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