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Staff benefits

Staff involvement

Best practice highlights that ‘staff whose experience and input is used, feel valued and an integral part of the decision making process. The resultant benefits include more confident and well informed employees, a greater sharing of skills, more efficient use of resources, and better clinical and nonclinical decision making’.

Ward 10 staff

The trust is committed to continuing to develop an open and participative culture in which all staff and are informed about, and involved routinely in, decisions that affect them and the services they deliver seeking views and opinions.

Employee wellbeing service

East Cheshire NHS Trust is fully committed to the health and wellbeing of its employees.  As a health service, health and wellbeing applies as much to our employees as it does to the local population and we want to do as much as we can to enable our employees to be at their best, be energised, motivated and committed to their work. 

Flexible working

East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed to offering flexible, modern employment practices which recognise that all our staff want to strike a sensible balance between their work and home life.  The Trust also recognises that different balances may be needed at different times during an employee’s working life.

There are various options available for managers and staff to consider when trying to achieve the right work/life balance for a staff member.


Anyone who works for the East Cheshire NHS Trust, as an NHS organisation, automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme. Membership is voluntary and employees can opt not to join and leave the scheme at any time.

Full details can be found on the NHS pensions website.


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