The Trust


The Adult Orthotic Department is situated in the Orthopaedic Unit at Macclesfield District General Hospital and treats a large range of inpatients and outpatients from orthopaedics to neurology.

Through consultant referrals patients are seen by an orthotist who would have trained in orthotics and prosthetics. The orthotic service treats all body segments to reduce pain, accommodate deformities and improve function and mobility.   


The appliances

Appliances supplied by the orthotic service include, helmets, spinal braces, abdominal and hernia supports, footwear, insoles and callipers and compression stockings. We are available for ward jobs providing removable appliances to stabilize spinal fractures and hip dislocations.
The department also employs a hairdresser as wigs are provided. There are standard NHS charges for the supply of wigs, some spinal supports, and compression stockings.

Orthotic Department Staff  

Surgical Appliance Officer, Josie Perry: 

Tel: 01625 661467  

Fax 01625  661866  or 01625 663164

 Days Times 
Tuesday - Thursday 8.00am - 6pm
Friday  9.00am - 5.50pm





Adam Horrocks  and Andrew Hardman


Clinic Days


Tuesday AM  at David Lewis Centre   

Tuesday PM  Macclesfield Adults 1.30 4.30  ( 5pm Finish  ) Adam Horrocks


Wednesday AM Macclesfield District General Hospital Adults 09.30 -12;00 

Wednesday PM Park Lane School, Macclesfield 1.30pm Start  : Andrew Hardman


Thursday 09.00 -16.30  Adam Horrocks





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