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Oral/orthodontic services provided by East Cheshire NHS Trust - 2019 update

The orthodontic/oral services provided by East Cheshire NHS Trust closed in April 2019 due to significant workforce challenges. The service was provided by a very small team and as such, was highly vulnerable to staffing issues and fluctuations in demand. On occasion and despite the best efforts of the service’s dedicated staff, this regrettably led to long waits for some patients.

Because of this the trust felt that transferring the service to a larger provider would be in the best interests of patients as it would be less vulnerable to staffing challenges and better able to cope with periods of high demand. 

The trust worked with the service’s commissioners, NHS England, to hand over the care and treatment of current patients smoothly and safely to alternative NHS providers. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and reassure patients that they will continue to receive a high standard of care from their new service.









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