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Newborn hearing screening

Macclesfield District General Hospital was one of a number of early sites in England to offer universal newborn hearing screening. We have been screening newborns’ hearing here since our launch in February 2004.

Each baby born in this hospital or at home in the Eastern Cheshire area has a hearing screen offered within the first few days of life. The screening process is complete for around 80% of babies by the time they are discharged home. Around 95% of all babies have their screen completed by the time they are four weeks old.
We work closely with the Audiology Department and other health professionals such as midwives, health visitors and paediatricians as part of the extended team.
In England, over 1,600 babies are screened every day as part of the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme and fifteen babies a week are diagnosed with a permanent hearing impairment.
For further information please visit NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

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