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Integrated Discharge Team

The Integrated Discharge Team consists of experienced hospital based health and social care professionals.  The objective of the team is to provide multidisciplinary expertise and support to staff, all patients and their carers to enable safe and timely transfer from hospital to community.

The hospital is the right place to be when you are acutely unwell and require medical or surgical care on a daily basis which is overseen by a Surgeon or Medical Physician.  This means that when the team treating you agree you are clinically ready to leave hospital, it is important that your transfer out of hospital is timely. This will enable us to start treating another patient requiring acute care or surgery. 

The ward staff and the Integrated Discharge Team will assist you with planning your discharge taking into account your personal circumstances, concerns and any support and information you may need following discharge from hospital.

What we do

During your stay in hospital and if appropriate, you will be assessed by members of the team in order to establish what your care needs will be on discharge. The team works closely with our therapy and community services colleagues (eg, GP, district nurses and community matrons) to ensure the right care is available in the right place on your discharge.

The team will fully explain the financial implications of all care arrangements recommended for you or requested by you.  This will include funding you  may be entitled to.

If you need a rehabilitation placement before returning home, you will be transferred to the first available bed in our Intermediate Care Units.  This may not be the closest to where you live but it will be our priority to start your rehabilitation as soon as possible.

We encourage you to begin planning your discharge soon after admission to hospital or where possible before you come to hospital. If you know of something which might affect your ability to return home, we request that you  let the nurses, doctors or discharge team know as soon as possible.

More information

If you would like further information or advice from the Integrated Discharge Team, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: or

Telephone 01625 661459 Monday – Friday 0830 – 1630.

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