The Trust

Coronary Care Unit (CCU) & Ward 7 (Cardiology and General Medicine)

The Units


CCU is a four bedded ward located on the first floor of Macclesfield District General Hospital. Patients with cardiac conditions are admitted to CCU. The conditions that require admissions include heart attacks, heart failure, and acute rhythm problems. CCU treats both male and female patients.

Patients are looked after by specialised nurses in CCU. There is a collaborative work force which included cardiac specialists who contribute to the care throughout the hospital, as well as through specialist clinics and community services.

The team works closely with Ward 7 to support each other.

Ward 7

Ward 7 is a 28 bedded ward situated adjacent to CCU on the first floor of Macclesfield District General Hospital. Ward 7 treats both male and female patients with acute medical condition specialising in cardiology.

Ward 7 comprises of four six bedded bays and four side rooms. The use of the side rooms is decided on a clinical or priority basis.

Both units

Most patients will be admitted to CCU and Ward 7 from MAU, AAU or A&E. All patients will be seen within 24 hours. Patients on both units are allocated a named nurse who will plan patients care. They are supported by a team of associated nurses in their absence. 

The staff on CCU and Ward 7 work together as part of a multidisciplinary team to aid patient recovery. The aim being to provide a high quality service in a safe environment where the needs of each patient are cared for in a professional and holistic manner by using all available specialist knowledge and skills. The wellbeing of all our patients relies on appropriate and timely assessment, investigation, treatment and care. The aim is to promote optimum health through good communication, teaching and provision of adequate information.

The Cardiology, medical and nursing team work closely with Cardio-Respiratory department (CRD) located in the adjacent clinical area. CRD performs a wide range of in-patient and out-patient investigations.

The team


  • Dr Egdell – Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr Cubukcu – Consultant Cardiologist
  • Dr Russell – Consultants Cardiologist


Each consultant is supported by a team of three doctors – one specialist registrar, one senior house officer and one junior house officer. The team will review the consultant’s patients daily during the week. They also take part in “on call” therefore are not all present on the ward each day.

Matron: Penny Cotterill, A major part of Penny’s remit is to ensure that the patient experience is positive. It is also her role to ensure that the quality standards of care are maintained and she can be seen in a regular basis auditing the unit with the Infection Control Team and housekeeper to ensure optimal cleaning standards are achieved.

Ward Manager: Laura Atherton

Ward Sister/Charge Nurse: Angela Priest – Ward 7      Deborah Adams & Geoff Huddart – CCU

In addition to Angela, Deborah and Geoff there is a full team of nursing and support staff to assist with care.

Ward clerk: They assist with the daily running and administration of the ward.

Housekeeper: Supports the maintenance of cleanliness and ordering of supplies and facilitates the smooth running of the ward.

Other staff you might meet on the ward

Occupational therapist: The occupational therapist provides specialist treatment to enable a safe and successful transition back into the community.

Physiotherapist: The aim of the physiotherapy team is to provide a specialist treatment plan which will enable patients to achieve their maximum physical potential.

Social worker: There is a unit based social worker who is able to assist with the discharge process and any issues concerning discharge. The social worker is also able to advise on welfare rights, housing issues and appropriate support groups.

Cardiology Nurse Specialist: Lisa Broad

Cardiac rehab nurses: Paula Spray, Jenny Shields and Jenelyn Bayquin. One of these nurses are regularly present on the ward to support patients who are post Myocardial Infarction (MI) to assist with the patients return back to a normal healthy life style.

Tissue viability nurse specialist: Specialise in the prevention and management of pressure sores and wound dressings.

Dietitians: Visit the ward as required, referrals are made via the named nurse.

Discharge co-ordinator: Will assist with your discharge planning if required.

Phlebotomist: Visits to the ward are made daily to collect blood samples requested by the medial team. They are technicians skilled in taking blood.

Specialist nurses: If your condition or care requires the input of a specialist nurse, this will be arranged.

Student nurses may be on placement on the units. There are also work experience students on the ward from the age of 16 years upwards.

All staff will introduce themselves to you but if you are unclear please ask.



Infection control is an issue at the forefront of most people’s minds when coming into hospital. To help the unit stop infection please wash your hands on arrival and departure, you will find a sink located at the entrance of the unit. Alcohol gel dispensers are also placed throughout the unit.

You are also encouraged to ask nursing and clinical staff if they have washed their hands prior to examination.


More information

The telephone numbers are:

Ward Manager – Laura Atherton: 01625 661047/661007/661015

Ward 7 Sister – Angela Priest: 01625 661047/661007/661015

CCU Sister/Charge Nurse – Deborah Adams/ Geoff Huddart: 01625 661016

Nursing Station: 01625 661007/661015

Ward Clerks – Kayleigh Turner and Sarah Hutchinson: 01625 661007/661015

Meetings can be arranged with the junior medical staff via the ward clerk

If relatives are ringing to enquire about your condition please nominate one of your family members to be a single point of contact to reduce the numbers of calls to the units.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to see either of the consultants, please contact the secretary direct Monday to Friday:

Dr Egdell’s Secretary: 01625 661317

Dr Cubukcu’s Secretary: 01625 663224

Dr Russell’s Secretary: 01625 661317


Please note that the consultant cannot discuss patient care or treatment over the telephone due to patient confidentially.

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