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How to voice your concerns

It may help to talk to somebody straight away. If you are not happy or think that something is wrong, the quickest way to sort things out is to speak to the person in charge of the ward, clinic or department you are using at the time, or contact the Customer Care Service.

They will provide a confidential listening service for patients and carers who wish to comment on any aspect of our service.

Telephone: 01625 661449 or 01625 661111
Textphone: 01625 663723
Freephone: 0800 161 3997




Customer Care Team

Customer Care Team

Our Team

Sue Fleet

Customer Care Manager

Justine Murray

Customer Care Officer

Tania Haughton

Customer Care Officer

Alison Furness

Customer Care Officer

Allie Cusick

Customer Care Officer

Helen Hill

Customer Care Receptionist

Customer Care Team

The Customer Care Department is part of the Corporate Affairs and Governance Team at East Cheshire NHS Trust. The department is situated in the main entrance of Macclesfield District General Hospital. The staff within the department provide a visible point of contact for patients, their relatives and carers to make comments, compliments, complaints or seek information, advice or assistance regarding healthcare services.

The Customer Care Team also have specifically trained volunteers who assist them in meeting and greeting patients, carers and family members as well as helping and signposting them.

At East Cheshire NHS Trust we try very hard to give you the very best service, unfortunately we may not always get it right and occasionally misunderstandings do occur.  If this happens we would like to know.

It may help to talk to someone about it straight away if you are not happy or feel there is something wrong. The quickest way to sort things out is to speak to the person in charge of the ward, clinic or service you are using at the time, or contact a member of the customer care team. Staff within the customer care team aim to see people straight away, however on occasions we may ask if we can call you back.

The staff will provide a confidential listening service for patient, carers and family members who wish to comment on any of our services.

How to contact us

The Customer Care Team are available from 08.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday.

Telephone: 01625 661449 or 01625 661111. (There is an answer phone available out of hours)
Freephone: 0800 161 3997

The issues that are brought to the attention of the Customer Care Team can be dealt and recorded in two ways, either as a;

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)
or as a
Formal Complaint


Patients are the most important people in the NHS and PALS is here to make sure you receive the best possible service when you are under our care.

PALS is an impartial confidential NHS service that can provide patients, relatives and carers using the East Cheshire NHS Trust with ‘on the spot’ help, support and information.
PALS can liaise with staff and managers to sort out issues quickly. Your feedback will also help us to improve the quality of our services.

What does PALS do?

  •          Listens to your comments, suggestions or queries on the services the trust provides.
  •          Helps to sort out problems quickly on your behalf.
  •          Helps you decide what to do and advises you if you wish to make a formal complaint.
  •          Helps you get information you need about NHS services.

How does PALS do this?

  •          Listens to your concerns.
  •          Helps to find the best way to resolve your problems.
  •          Accompanies you to meetings with trust staff, if possible.
  •          Liaise with hospital staff on your behalf.
  •          Provides an independent link between you and the hospital.

In this way many problems can be dealt with immediately but if you are still unhappy you can make a formal complaint by letter, telephone or by email.

Reviews and compliments

Would you like to review our services or say thank you to a staff member or department? Click here to find out how you can do this.   


A core function of Customer Care is to act as a catalyst for change and improvement by providing the trust with information and feedback on problems arising and gaps in services.

The Customer Care Team are committed to ensuring service users and carers are involved in the development of services through their own experiences
The Customer Care Team produce weekly, monthly and quarterly reports which are shared with the Heads of Service, Clinical Directors and the Trust board. Monthly reports also also shared with the Clinical Commissioning Group.

View our annual customer care reports

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