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The Anaesthetic Department provides anaesthetic and critical care services to the trust, including the care of patients presenting for both planned and emergency surgery across a range of surgical specialties, the anaesthetic care of obstetric patients and both planned and emergency admissions to critical care beds (both Intensive Care and High Dependency Units).

The Anaesthetic Department is staffed by nine full time consultants who are supported by a team of doctors. There is one full time secretary to support the department.

More information

Name  Title  Number  Email
Dr David Banks Intensive Care, College Tutor 01625 661307  
Dr Ishani Dave Intensive care 01625 661307
Dr Andrew Gorman Day case anaesthesia, ECT 01625 661307
Dr John Hunter Clinical Director for Acute Care Business Group 01625 661307
Dr Andrew Marchetti Intensive care 01625 661307
Dr Mick Rothwell Acute pain 01625 661307  
Dr Lutfi Sulaiman Clinical Lead for Anaesthetics 01625 661307
Dr James Willmott Intensive care, preoperative assessment 01625 661307
Dr Naveed Zafar Obstetrics 01625 661307















How to contact us

To contact the Anaesthetic Department telephone: 01625 661307

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