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Acute medicine


Medical Assessment Unit

The Medical Assessment Unit  has 21 beds, patients are admitted generally from A&E and AAU. Here the patient has required admission to undergo further assessment, investigation and treatment. Our aim is to, within 24 – 4 hours, have completed the patients treatment and discharge the patient or if ongoing treatment is required to transfer the patient to the most appropriate area. This may be within the unit to the short stay area, if discharge is predicted within 72 hours.

The team

There is a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, medical nurse practitioners, pharmacists, administrative staff, ancillary staff, housekeeper and a host of other disciplines, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and the discharge team working together to ensure that a high standard of care is delivered to the patient in a timely manner.

Dr S Srivastava, Acute Medical Physician

Dr I Ansari, Acute Medical Physician

Dr M Telfer, Acute Medicine 

Dr J Gallagher, Respiratory Medicine

Mr Smart, Colorectal and General surgeon

Matron: Liz Owen, a major part of Liz's remit is to ensure that the patient experience is positive. It is also her role to ensure that quality standards of care are maintained and she can be seen on a regular basis auditing the unit with the Infection Control Team and housekeeper to ensure optimal cleaning standards are achieved.
Ward Manager: Marie Beckwith
Ward Sister: In addition to the ward sister, there is a full team of nursing and support staff to assist with care. The staff rotate through Emergency and Accident Unit, Medical Admissions Unit and the Short Stay Unit.
Ward clerk: Assists with the daily running and administration of the ward.
Housekeeper: Supports the maintenance of cleanliness and ordering of supplies and facilitates the smooth running of the ward.  

Other staff you might meet on the ward

Occupational therapist: The occupational therapist provides specialist treatment to enable a safe and successful transition back into the community.

Physiotherapist: The aim of the Physiotherapy Team is to provide a specialised treatment plan which will enable patients to achieve their maximum physical potential.
Social worker: A social worker can assist with the discharge process and any issues concerning discharge. The social worker is also able to advise or welfare rights, housing issues and appropriate support groups..
Tissue viability nurse specialist: Specialised in the prevention and management of pressure sores/ulcers and wound dressings.
Discharge co-ordinator: Will assist with your discharge planning if required
Phlebotomist: (Technician skilled in taking blood) visits daily to collect blood samples requested by the medical team.
Student nurses may be on placement on the unit.
Specialist nurses: Respiratory, cardiology, gastroenterology, dieticians, speech and language therapists and medical nurse practitioner's all regularly visit the unit.
There are also work experience students on the ward from the age of 16 years upwards
All staff will introduce themselves to you but if you are at all unclear please ask.

Visit our who's who section for more information.

Hand washing

Infection control is an issue at the forefront of most people’s minds when coming into hospital. To help the unit stop infection please wash your hands on arrival and departure, you will find a sink located at the entrance of the unit. Alcohol gel dispensers are also strategically located throughout the unit.
You are also encouraged to ask nursing and clinical staff if they have washed their hands prior to examination.

More information

The ward telephone numbers are: 01625 661008/1076
If relatives are ringing to enquire about your condition please nominate one of your family members to be a single point of contact to reduce the numbers of calls to the ward.

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