What your money funds: Case studies

Case study 1: Breast and Gynaecology Unit

As part of the trust’s commitment to providing the best patient experience possible, the trust has recently dedicated a building which brings together all of the breast and gynaecology outpatient services into one clinical unit at the Macclesfield District General Hospital site.

Previously breast and gynaecology outpatients were routed through the main Outpatients’ Department, and the Radiology Department for breast screening, which entailed undressing and dressing repeatedly as patients made their way through the hospital for different types of clinical examinations and assessments.

In addition, patients attending for examination may have been identified as being ‘at risk’ and require regular examinations, some may have had a previous condition such as breast cancer. With this in mind, the new unit is designed to make attending  a regular examination as anxiety free as possible, with the best possible patient care.

The unit will see men and women on an outpatients’ basis, handling patients needing examination, breast screening and both surgery and gynaecology  consultations - and will utilise the latest equipment and techniques available.

The unit is based on the Macclesfield District General Hospital site to the left of the main building and comprises five consultation rooms, two rooms dedicated to digital mammography and a further two rooms for breast ultrasound, there is also a dedicated prosthesis fitting area and a quiet room.  

Patients will need to change only once, and the patient journey is designed to flow in one way around the unit, thereby ensuring patient dignity, discretion, privacy and convenience is paramount and delays are dramatically reduced.  Everything apart from inpatient surgical procedures will be carried out within this purpose designed unit. The improvement to our patients’ time here will be immeasurable just when they need it most.

Your donations help to make changes like this happen. Please donate today.

Case study 2: Cardiac Rehab Walk

Sometimes one patient will take their experience and turn it into something bigger, a way to say thank you again and again for getting their life back.

That’s what happened to one of our Cardiac Rehab Team’s patients. The team helps those who have had a heart attack, or heart surgery. Members visit patients at home or in hospital to work on exercise, lifestyle choices and smoking cessation – all of the lifestyle choices that help rebuild health and wellbeing. The team has a big community presence and focuses on promoting healthy hearts.

Over twenty years ago one of the team’s patients did something remarkable.  After being treated at Macclesfield District General Hospital following a heart attack, a male patient set himself the goal that when he had recovered he would walk back to the hospital from his home in Congleton to say thank you to the staff. He did just this, thought it would be a good idea to raise some money along the way, and in doing so started the Cardiac Walk! 

Today, each year, the walk attracts more than 50 walkers and covers a 6.5 mile route around Macclesfield.  That one man’s resolve has grown and today the event has funded mobile defibrillators, heart rate monitors and specialist training for staff.

Recently the team bought a laptop and projector to help with patient education about healthy hearts and lifestyles – all items which will no doubt save lives and which would not be possible without the Cardiac Walk and our hospital charity.

If you want to receive information regarding the next Cardiac Walk please email ecn-tr.ECHOHospitalCharity@nhs.net

Case study 3: District nurses in the community

With generous donations from the local community, we have been able to provide the best support to patients who wish to receive end of life care in their own homes.

Our district nurses are trained in palliative care and provide expert support to patients with life limiting illnesses. Many of our patients with a terminal illness prefer to be at home surrounded by those they love and so our nurses have a very important role to play, providing excellent care for the patient, supporting relatives and liaising with other care professionals.

With your support we have purchased a number of Syringe Drivers for use by our district nurses. Syringe Drivers provide a 24 hour slow infusion of drugs to the patient, ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible by giving them much longer periods of time free from pain.

The purchase of these Syringe Drivers has made a big difference to both patients and our nursing teams. End of life care can understandably be a very distressing time for patients and their relatives, and enabling patients to remain in their own home at this time can be of huge comfort. Our new Syringe Drivers are portable which means that our patients can keep some independence and be mobile.

This new equipment also enables our district nurses to administer a long lasting dosage of the necessary drugs - this is very important as it means that visits from nurses are required less frequently which is less intrusive for the patient, and of course this means that our district nurses can visit more patients and be even more effective.

Donations to our charity enable us to support patients with the very best end of life care, thank you for your help.

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