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Sexual Orientation

It is estimated that about 3% of the UK population define themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual meaning that a significant number of our trust's service users and staff will be lesbian, gay or bisexual.

  • Our trust recognises that lesbian, gay and bisexual people may experience prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage as a result of prejudicial views about their sexual orientation. Research shows that sexual orientation has an important role in health inequalities and poor experience of health services
  • Lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals have higher levels of mental ill health than heterosexual people .
  • Older lesbian, gay and bisexual people are also five times less likely to access services for older people than is the case in the general older population because they fear discrimination, homophobia and ignorance. They are also much less likely to have children and therefore may be more isolated, with no one to look out for them

This trust is committed to fair and equal access to our services regardless of sexual orientation. We also ensure that our services are not based on the assumption that everyone is heterosexual or has a different sex partner.

Our employment policies and practices promote inclusivity creating a climate of tolerance and respect in the workplace, where all individuals feel safe to be open about their sexual orientation if they wish to. We make sure that wherever possible our conditions of employment offer the same benefits to same-sex relationships as different sex relationships.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation happens when someone is treated less favourably due to their sexual orientation, their perceived sexual orientation or the sexual orientation of those they associate with.

Areas of focus

  • Please click here to complete our new equality survey for our LGB staff and LGB people using our services
  • We are reviewing our sexual orientation training for staff
  • We are continually evaluating how the trust meets the needs of LGB staff.

Useful links

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