The Trust

 FOI responses in November 2016

FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
Payroll processing   
IT and IG Security  
District Nurses   
Unfilled vacancies    
Junior Doctors contract    
Nursing organisation structure chart  Attachment 1attachment 2, attachment 3
Junior Doctors shifts   
Direct engagement model   
Social worker spend   
Staff Rostering   
Obstetrics and gynaecology   
Freedom of Information Attachment 1 
Locum staff  
Trust board composition   
Chief Pharmacist   
Nursing Staff  Attachment 1
HR Payroll  
MRI equipment and activity Attachment 1
Bed management  Attachment 1
Tier 2 obesity services   
Facilities management  Attachment 1
Thrombosis  Attachment 1attachment 2
Data sharing   
Cyber security  
FY1 and FY2 doctors   
Clinical service incidents   
A & E mental health  Attachment 1
Legal and risk structure  Attachment 1attachment 2
Radio frequency identification   
Oncology doses per month   
Sterile service costs  Attachment 1
LAN equipment   
Managerial structures  
Facilities management  Attachment 1
Waiting lists  Attachment 1
Venous thrombo-embolism  
Parking tickets   
 A & E   Attachment 1
 Goods and services   
 Vital Packs   
 Junior doctors shifts  
IM&T & HR depts  Attachment 1 Attachment 2
Women's health  
 IV Cancer therapies  
Maternity Overseas patients  
Environmental and Waste  
IM&T Systems  
DBS Check  
GPs in A&E  
Accredited Accounts  
Ambulance handover times