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Gender Identity and Gender Reassignment

It is estimated that about 1 in 100 of the UK population are identified as gender non-conforming, meaning that a number of our trust's service users and staff will be trans.

  • Our trust recognises that trans people will experience prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage as a result of other people’s attitudes and beliefs about their gender identity. Research shows that gender identity has an important role in health inequalities and poorer experience of health services
  • Older trans people are also much less likely to access services for older people than is the case in the general older population because they fear discrimination, transphobia and ignorance
  • Being misidentified (eg trans women being called Mr) throughout a large portion of their life can cause particular distress for trans people which is why it is important to get it right first time.

This trust is committed to fair and equal access to our services regardless of gender identity. We make sure that our services are not based on the assumption that everyone’s gender is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth.

Our employment policies and practices promote inclusivity creating a climate of tolerance and respect in the workplace, where all individuals feel safe to be open about their gender identity if they wish to. We make sure that our conditions of employment offer the same benefits to trans people as to non-trans people.

Discrimination based on gender identity or gender reassignment happens when someone is treated less favourably due to their gender identity or gender reassignment status, their perceived gender identity or the gender identity of those they associate with.

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