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Equality objectives 

The trust aims to provide a fair and equal service for all. The Equality Delivery System (EDS) helps us to identify what we are doing really well and where we can take action to improve our equality and diversity work across the trust.


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The Equality Act 2010 requires us to set equality objectives and the findings from the EDS assessments have helped us to identify what these goals should be. These are outlined in our Equality Objective Action Plan 2017-18. In summary these are:

  1. Any relevant redesign of services needs to include an equality analysis and evidence that it has been considered by decision makers. This will be required for significant change, so where a service could be reduced, removed or criteria changed so that it impacts on patients.
  2. To analyse the usage of language interpretation services.
  3. To implement the Equality Delivery System and be assessed by stakeholders.
  4. Attainment of the National Autistic Society’s Hospital Accreditation Standard.
  5. Review the experience of older people in hospital.
  6. Implement the Accessible Information Standard.
  7. Improve the trust position in relation to Workforce Race Equality Indicators (WRES)
  8. Attain Disability Confident level 3.
  9. As an NHS Employers Diversity and Inclusion Partner for 2-17-18. Develop equlaity and diversity across the trust.

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