The Trust

FOI responses in April 2016


FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
 Overseas patient costs  Attachment 1
 Agency spend  
 Doctors shifts and translations  
 Board members and Exec Directors  Attachment 1
 Ward refurbishment  
 Letter Transcription  
 Viscosupplement Injections  
 MS patients  
 Patients with AMD  
 Cerebral Palsy  Attachment 1
 IT spend  
 Overseas visitors  
 Maternity discharges  Attachment 1
 Hip implant revisions  
 Stolen and Missing items  Attachment 1
 Non clinical agencies  
 RIDDOR reports  
 Haemorrhoid surgeries  
 Junior doctors pay banding Appeals  
 Haemorrhoid surgeries  
 Physical Assaults on staff  Attachment 1
 Discharge Policy  
 Drug addiction babies  
 Ophthalmology patients  
 Babies over 12lbs  
 Dermatology bloods  
 Staff and Agency costs  
 Diagnostic imaging  Attachment 1
 ParkingEye contract  Attachment 1
 Gynae Conditions  
 Elective Surgery  Attachment 1
 Non Medical Contracts Register  
 Maternity Staffing  
 Terminations  Attachment 1
 Telemedicine Nurse  
 Information Officers Database  
Electronic Clinical Systems  
Red,Black Alert  
Trust Contact Details  
Transfer Forms Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3,Attachment 4,Attachment 5
ITU Full  
Prevent Duty  
Clinical Systems  
New Junior Doctor contract  
Security, dementia patients Attachment 1
Operations cancelled  
Modern Slavery  
CT Scanners  
Waste bag ties  
Mobile phones Attachment 1
Medical Equipment  
Electronic patient records  
E-Cigarette Injuries  
 Financial Service Contracts  Attachment 1