The Trust

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Annual reports

Our annual report is published every September. Our reports are published on the website from 2007/08.  If you wish to have an earlier copy, please contact the Information Governance Department.

Annual business plans

Our first annual plan was published in March 2010. The annual plan set out the ambitions of East Cheshire NHS Trust and its staff to continue the delivery of safe, quality services which will benefit the patients we serve.  Within the plan you will find information about:

  • Our performance and key acheivements
  • Our strategic direction
  • Quality, safety and patient experience
  • Our staffing
  • Plans for our services
  • Community and environment
  • Business activity plans
  • Financial plans

Annual plans will be published on our website every April.

Targets, aims and objectives

Strategic plans

Performance reports

Clinical governance

Audit reports

Service user survey reports and feedback

Trust news

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