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Trust Board

Forthcoming Trust Board meeting dates can be found here. 

Trust Board overview

All of the trust’s non-executive directors are appointed by the NHS Appointments Commission, for a fixed term, following open invitations among members of the local community. The NHS and trust recruitment guidance and policy are followed in these appointments, including open competition and the involvement of an independent external assessor.

The Chief Executive is appointed by the non-executive directors. The executive directors are appointed by the non-executive directors and the Chief Executive. The NHS Very Senior Manager Pay Framework has been adopted by the Remuneration Committee as guidance regarding pay for the Executive Team.

Directors are appointed to permanent contracts subject to three months notice. There is no further provision for termination payments within the contract. 

Non-executive directors 

  • Lynn McGill, Chairman
  • Ian Goalen, Non-Executive Director
  • Mike Wildig, Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Peter Madden, Non-Executive Director
  • Tim Shercliff, Non-Executive Director
  • Andrew Smith, Non-Executive Director

Executive directors

  • John Wilbraham, Chief Executive
  • Kath Senior, Director of Nursing and Quality
  • Dr John Hunter, Medical Director
  • Rachael Charlton, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • Julie Green, Director of Corporate Affairs and Governance (non-voting)
  • Mark Ogden, Director of Finance
  • Simon Goff, Chief Operating Officer (non-voting)

How to get in touch with East Cheshire NHS Trust's board

If you would like to get in touch with the board, please email Janine Homer

Trust board meetings

Dates and venues for forthcoming trust board meetings can be found here.

Corporate Governance Manual

East Cheshire NHS Trust's Corporate Governance Manual can be found here (links to policy section of the trust's website). 

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