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FOI/EIR disclosure log

Requests about our services


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
December Pathology services Attachment 1
December Maternity training Attachment 1
November Cleaning services  
November Musculoskeletal outpatient physiotherapy  
November Software development and testing  
November Pathology Labs  
October HR, Payroll and BACS software  
September Waste Electrical and electronic devices  
September IT Security  
September Vending Machines Attachment 1
September Free phones  
August Parking non compliance payments  
August Recycling and waste contracts  
August Gas, electricity and water information Attachment 1
August Facilities management Attachment 1
July Catering services  
July Car park  
July Linen services  
July Parking systems  
July Parking fines  
July Hospital Wifi  
June IT function  
June Community dental service  
May Car parking boundaries  
May Car parking contract  
May Car Parking Contract  
May Electricity and Gas Attachment 1
May Contact Centre Contracts Attachment 1
April Parking Eye Attachment 1
March Telecommunications  
March Parking Eye  
Feb Post Mortems  
Feb Translations  
Jan Tattoo Removal  
Jan Ophthalmology Services  
Jan Epilepsy Prescribing Attachment
Jan Wifi  
Jan Car Parking  
Jan Somatropin Prescribing  
Jan Medicine Stocks  



Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
Dec Parking Charges  
Dec ECG Machines  
Nov Wheelchair Provisions Motor Neurone Disease  
Nov Self-funded Patients  
Oct IT Systems  
Oct Orthotics  
Oct Managed Equipment Services  
Oct Interpreting  
Oct Private Patient Treatment  
Oct Audiology Service Provisions  
Oct Financial Accounting Software  
Oct Physiotherapy for MSK  
Sept Ophthalmology  
Sept Radiology and Cardiology Imaging Machines  
Sept Car Parking Charges  
Sept Parkinson's Disease  
Sept Tendering for NHS Services  
Sept IT Servers  
Sept Car Parking Charges  
Aug Trust Parking  
Aug Linear Accelerators  
Aug Diagnostic Imaging CT Scanner  
Aug Rheumatology  
Aug Ophthalmology Services  
Aug External Hosting Contracts  
Jul Wheelchair Services  
Jul Stroke  
Jul Audiology Attachment
Jul Ophthalmology Services  
Jul Legal Services  
Jul Ophthalmology Services  
Jul Self Funding Patients  
Jul Parking Charges  
Jun Radiology Machines  
Jun Dental Care Service  
Apr Perinatal Mental Health  
Apr Automatic Doors  
Mar Medical Apps  
Mar EPR System  
Mar Soft FM Service Contract


 Feb  Podiatry





Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
 July Fertility services  No attachment
 July Epiliepsy services  Attachment
 June Non emergency patient transport   No attachment
 June Maternity   No attachment


Month          FOI/EIR request and response details Attachments if applicable
July     Telephone and TV charges No attachment
  Telephone and TV charges - 2 attachment
August Telephone and television contracts attachment
  Long term care No attachment
  Pornographic material usage in  fertility departments No attachment
September Chronic pain management clinics No attachment
  Taxi operational charges No attachment

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