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FOI/EIR disclosure log

Requests about our performance


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
December Waiting time targets  
December Ambulance crew waits  
December Referrals to specific departments Attachment 1
December Cost of DTOCs  
December Delayed discharges  
December A&E Patients Attachment 1
December Complaints DTOC  
September Safe Staffing for maternity settings Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3Attachment 4
September Plain film X-Rays  
September Dementia Strategy  
August Cataract Waiting Times  
August Heavy babies  
August Complaints Attachment 1
August Pain clinic waiting times  
August Untoward incidents  
July Delayed transfer of care  
July A&E consultants  
July Cancelled surgery Attachment 1
July Operation cancellations Attachment 1
July Mental health A&E Attachment 1Attachment 2
July Theatre cancellations Attachment 1
July Turnaround targets Attachment 1
July End of life Care  
July A & E Diverts Attachment 1
June Human datix errors  
June A&E Fines  
May Patient discharge numbers  
April Dog Bites Attachment
April A and E Waiting Times  
April Cancelled Ops  
April Complaints  
March Self Discharge  
March Laparoscopic Procedures  
March High Cholesterol  
March Liver Disease  
March Obese patient numbers  
March Object removals  
March Self-Discharges Attachment 1Attachment 2
March Procedures  
March Injuries to Elderly  
March Level 2 Beds  
March Needlestick Fracture  
March Cataract Surgery  
March Obese Babies  
March Patient Numbers  
Feb Obese Children  
Feb Dangerous Occurrences  
Feb Readmissions  
Feb Cancelled Operations  
Feb Drunk A&E Attendances  
Feb Cancelled Operations  
Jan DTOCs  
Jan A&E Wait Times  
Jan Hypertension  
Jan Surgeries  


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
Dec Wait Times Attachment
Dec Patient Numbers  
Dec Pregnant Patients  
Dec Ophthalmology Attachment
Dec A&E Visitors Attachment
Dec Blepharoplasty  
Dec Lithium batteries  
Nov DTOC & Staff Complaints  
Nov Spider Bites  
Oct Maternity Services  
Oct Botulinum Toxin A  
Oct Dog Attacks, Drugs and STDs  
Oct Children with Eating Disorders  
Sept Never Events  
Sept Diabetes  
Sept Ketamine Abuse  
Sept Spinal Operations  
Sept Female Genital Mutilation  
Sept Child Malnutrition  
Sept Hidradenitis Suppurativa  
Sept Female Genital Mutilation  
Sept Patient Discharges  
Aug Endocarditis  
Aug Patient Experience Surveys  
Aug Readmission's  
Aug Drug Treatment  
Aug Paed A&E Self Harm Admission  
Aug Maternity Service  
Aug Bed Capacity Attachment 1Attachment 2
Aug Chemotherapy Induced Neutropenia  
Aug Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Information  
Aug Medical Assessment Unit  
Aug Mental Health  
Aug Governance Quality and Safety Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3, Attachment 4
Jul Serious Untoward Incidents  
Jul Emergency Admissions  
Jul Delayed Transfer of Care  
Jun Haemochromatosis  
Jun Inter-uterine Systems  
Jun Inpatient Surgery  
Apr Ankylossia  
Apr Hospital Deaths Attachment
Apr Inguinal Hernia  
Apr Hospital Deaths & Autopsies  
Apr Accidental Removal of Catheters  
Apr Overnight Discharges  
Apr Biologics Attachment
Mar A&E Attendances - 2012 to 2014  
Mar Waiting Time Initiatives Attachment
Mar Genital Injuries Attachment
Mar Alcohol Related Admissions  
Mar Maternity Discharges Attachment
Mar Psychological Support for Breast Cancer Patients  
Mar Births & Midwifery  
Mar Endoscopy


Feb Self-harming Children



Feb A&E Mental Healthcare  
Feb 18 Week Referral Breaches  
Feb Tattoo Removal Procedures  
Feb Patient Falls  
Feb Maternity Services  
Feb Drug & Alcohol Admissions Attachment
Feb Knee Replacements  
Feb Maternity Complaints Attachment
Feb A&E Serious Untoward Incidents Attachment
Jan  Cancelled Operations   


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
December Cancelled Operations Attachment
December Broken Noses Attachment
December Pressure Ulcers & Bed Sores  
December Repeat Attendances in A&E  
December Delayed Transfers of Care Attachment
November Gastroenterology  
October Arthoplasty Waiting Lists Attachment
October Female Genital Mutiliation (2)  
October Female Genital Mutilation  
October Patients Diverted to Other A&E  
September Childhood Obesity


August Hip & Knee Procedures


August Inguinal Hernia


August CDiff


August Childbirth Stats


August Asthma Stats


August Cardiac Radiology Services


August Prevalence & occurrence of CDiff 


July Incorrect Surgical Procedures


July Drug & Alcohol Misuse



July Live Birth Data


June Hepatitis C Stats


June Cancelled Operations


June A&E


June CQUIN Goals



May Maternity Unit Closures No attachment
May Complaints & SUIs Attachment
April Alcohol in Children No attachment
February Male Circumcision No Attachment
February Delayed Discharge No attachment
February Choose & Book - 2009-2012 No attachment
January Foreign Nationals No attachment
January  Weightloss Surgery Complications  No attachment 



Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable

VTE Audit


A&E Wait Times - 2012 

no attachment

Inpatient Stay - 2008-2012

no attachment
December Ophthalmology Service  no attachment
November Bed occupancy rates 2011 - 2012 Attachment
November Child services No attachment
November Female genital mutilation Attachment
October Childrens audiology Attachment
October Child services No attachment
September Data reporting errors No attachment
July Prescribed drugs No attachment 
July Clostridium difficile targets No attachment 
July Trust budgets Attachment
July Bed days lost No attachment 
July Emergency re-admisssion rates No attachment
June Delayed discharge No attachment
June Incorrect surgical procedures No attachment
May Audiology Attachment
May Maternity statistics



April  Ortho waiting times No attachment
April Late discharge No attachment
March Non-British treatment statistics  Attachment 
March Metal on metal hip replacements  No attachment 
March  Maternity statistics  No attachment 


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachments if applicable 
December  Bonfire related injuries


November  WHO surgical safety checklist

No attachment

November  NEW service statistics


October   Monthly activity breakdown


October  VTE audit


October  CQUIN information

Attachment 1

Attachment  2

September Bed occupancy rates No attachment
August In-patient statistics attachment
August Clinical audit on controlled drugs attachment
June  A&E diverts and closures No attachment


Month         FOI/EIR request and response details Attachments if applicable 
 May Surgical instrument contamination  none
 July MRSA and C Diff testing      none
 Sept Venous thromboembolism prevention policies and best practice  attachment

Requests for Information - Performance monitoring

We monitor and report on our timeliness in respect of handling of requests under the Freedom of Information Act, EIR, Data Protection Act (Subject Access requests) and Access to Health Records Act. Monthly reports are shown below.  This is updated at the beginning of each month.  Additional information can be found in the FOI/EIR pages of the disclosure log and disclosure log home page.

Year Freedom of Information and EIR request handling Subject Access and Access to Health Records Act request handling
2012 January January
2012 February February
2012 March March
2012 April April
2012 May May
2012 June June
2012  July July
2012 August August
2012 September September
2012 October October
2012 November November
2012 December December

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