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Coronavirus advice

Click here for Stay at home guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Go to NHS.UK/coronavirus for the latest information about coronavirus and access an online service that can tell you if you need medical help.

You can also sign up for email alerts to get the latest information about the virus.

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FOI/EIR disclosure log

Miscellaneous requests


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
December Abandoned cars  
December Carter Review  
November Gainshare Agreements  
November Physical Attacks Attachment 1
October Falls  
October Senior Officers  
October Parking Fines  
September Public Health Funerals  
August Language Interpreting  
August Christian workers and service users  
July Hydro therapy pool  
June Patient leaflets  
April Speech Recognition  
April Funerals  
April Midwife Forms  
Feb Chaplain  
Jan Intoxicated Staff  
Jan Thefts  


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
Dec Knutsford Car Parking Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3Attachment 4
Nov Electromedical Equiptment  
Sept Self-Catheterisation  
Sept Powered Wheelchair Provision Attachment 1, Attachment 2Attachment 3
Sept Euroking System  
Sept Innovation, Health and Wealth  
Aug 3D Printer  
Jul Injuries Inflicted by Exotic Animals  
Jul Patient Wi-Fi Access  
Jul Bereaved Parents  
Jul Nurses' Uniform Design  
Mar Sign Language Interpreter  
Feb Washroom Services  
Feb Labels Suppliers  
Feb Trade Union Facilities  
Feb Defribillators Attachment
Feb Demolition Projects  
Feb Children Poisoned by Parents  
Feb Hospital Food Attachment
Feb Fixed Telecom & Internet Services  
Feb Foetal Tissue Remains  
Feb GP Information  
Feb Consultants and A&E  
Feb Public Health Funerals  
Jan Foetal Tissue & Remains


Jan   Terminations and Miscarriages

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5

Attachment 6

Attachment 7

Attachment 8

Attachment 9

Attachment 10

Attachment 11

Attachment 12

Attachment 13 


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
December Items Removed from Patients


December Professional Advice on Procurement


December Ambulance Off-Loading Times


December Level 3 Resuscitation Training


December External Patient Transport


November Pharmacy OOH System



November VTE Prevention & Policies



October Artwork  
October Wheelchair Service Attachment
October Doctors Rota - Emergency Doctors Attachment
October High Street Brand Shops at ECT  
September NHS Counter Fraud Officers  
July European Tissue Symposium Attachment
July Domestic Violence  
April Age of Trust Buildings No attachment
April   Personal Service Companies No attachment 



Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable
November Patient placement No attachment
August ICT service desk data Attachment 
July Paupers funerals  No attachment
July Welfare funerals No attachment
June Paupers funerals Attachment
April Cancer drug fund No attachment
March Newborn birth weight No attachment
February  AAC devices  No attachment 


Month FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable  
December  VAT issues No attachment
December  Data migration Attachment 
November  Pest control No attachment 
November  Software applications No attachment 
October  NHS costs for overseas patients No attachment 
October   GP practice managers No attachment 
September  Financial and miscellaneous information No attachment 
July  Medicines exported for profit  No attachment
July  NHS Costs for Overseas Patients No attachment 
June  Building infrastructure No attachment 
June  Hospital building survey No attachment 


Month           FOI/EIR request and response details Attachment if applicable  
March Hauntings and paranormal activity no attachment
March Cash machines in the trust  no attachment
July  Bona vacantia patients   no attachment 
September  Royal and ministerial visits   no attachment 
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Awards and achievements

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ECHO Hospital Charity

ECHO raises money to support healthcare for patients and families across East Cheshire and the surrounding areas

East Cheshire NHS Trust rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission

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Do you or someone you care for have a learning disability?

Patient Passports help staff to get to know you. This means staff will know the individual care required whilst in hospital.


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Customer Care Helpline

Patients, their friends and relatives can call our helpline with questions about the hospital’s services during the COVID 19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Helpline: 01625 661449

The helpline is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Messages can be left on our answer machine outside of these times. We may experience a high volume of calls regarding this and would ask that you allow us 24 hours to return a call or email.

In view of the current restrictions on visiting the hospital, we can assist in passing messages or contacting patients who are in our care from friends and family. You can contact the helpline by phone or email with your message, we ask that you please provide the patient’s full name, date of birth and ward (if known).

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